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Case Study

Case Study

Offshore Infrastructure/Application Support Operation Centre


Client Company

Being a product driven organization, our client focuses on continuous enhancements and strives to provide an impeccable service to their clients and aims to be a leading BaaS company. A company which could deliver truly valuable financial services to the world while covering the latest trends in the Fintech industry. Our client has raised 500 million in seed round and marching towards a shining future. It currently provides modules such as remittance, international brand card payment, charge, credit and receivables management with modern API.


  • Resources being locked up in monitoring and support operations.
  • More time being spent on troubleshooting instead of service improvement.
  • Increased workload on Individual resources.
  • Decreased efficiency due to lack of a service level management structure.


  • Client-side engineers now have more time at hand to focus on product enhancements
  • Prompt troubleshooting and client communication.
  • High level Support to all their products and services
  • Increased efficiency resulting in increased business.