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Remote Monitoring

Accelerate your remote monitoring services by selecting the right remote service station to match your business requirement.

Remote Monitoring has evolved over the years for managing remotely every layer of your IT infrastructure. Remote Monitoring services effectively are a key element of computer technology. Without remote monitoring service, your IT security is always at risk. DG FutureTech understands the pre-requisites of Remote monitoring, in the present era of technology. We provide efficient solutions to manage the services of an organization coherently. According to the need of your organization, we prioritize the Remote monitoring Services.

The monitoring of the system is done periodically to enhance the effectiveness of devices.

  • We provide consistent monitoring of devices so that failure could be avoided and hardware problems can be detected at an early stage.
  • We facilitate efficient remote implementation for our customers. Monitoring tools provide notifications and security alerts if there is any possibility of mishap.
  • Our team of experts is capable of tracking performance measurements across all storage arrays to assist with consistent monitoring and diagnosis.

Following are the services provided by DG FutureTech in remote monitoring services

Major benefits of remote monitoring include:

Improved efficiencies

Improved efficiencies

With remote monitoring, employees no longer need to constantly be on the plant floor recording tedious data points. The system can easily collect and send this information to the user dashboard so employees can spend more time analyzing the data for increased efficiencies.
Proactive maintenance

Proactive maintenance

If problems arise, the remote monitoring system can send alerts and notifications via email and SMS so users can quickly address the issue and minimize downtime. The system can also be programmed to send notifications when scheduled maintenance is due and request quotes for these services.
Valuable insight

Valuable insight

Remote monitoring software can take machine data and produce graphs for better visualization of how production changes week over week, month over month or year over year. This is useful in providing insights into whether or not machines are operating efficiently.

Remote monitoring gives users access to important data for better-informed decision-making. Employees no longer need to monitor all equipment at all working hours of the day, saving manufacturing plants labor costs and expensive equipment failure.

Remote management and monitoring tools

Here is our list of remote management and monitoring tools.

  1. Solar Winds N-Centrate
  2. Dameware Remote Everywhere
  3. Paessler PRTG
  4. SolarWinds RMM