Digital Garage Group



This is our structured 6 step approach that will help you seamlessly transition to our services. Our mantra to keeping up to these 6 steps is – “Plan, Do, Check, Act” at every step of execution.

Step 1. Plan

Plan Step 01

We first understand your requirements, perform due diligence and assess how to meet them

Step 1. Plan

Scope Step 02

After the assessment is complete, we produce a detailed proposal for your review and feedback

Step 1. Plan

Agreement Step 03

We finalize a Service Level Agreement, outlining the objectives, roles and responsibilities of both the parties

Step 1. Plan

Deploy Step 04

A quick deployment of our services ensues

Step 1. Plan

Manage Step 05

Services are executed and tracked according to the Service Level Agreement, which ensures that we deliver according to agreed upon commitments

Step 1. Plan

Support Step 06

To ensure superior ongoing support, we consistently track performance and stay in constant communication with clients and partners