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Case Study

Case Study

Offshore Infrastructure/Application Support Operation Centre


Client Company

As a leading payment gateway provider in Japan, our customer has a data center infrastructure set-up. Our client company was established in the late 90s and its current capital is around USD 1.5B. The working model for monitoring maintenance required some proactive changes. A reactive troubleshooting process would be initiated only once the server was down. This not only cost them a loss of business but they also had to spend time on getting the server up and running.

Major Payment Service Provider

  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Established in late 90’s
  • Capital: USD 1.5B +


  • Offload non-core activities
  • Lack of dedicated staff for monitoring activities and increasing burden on the in-house staff
  • Past vendor was not providing up to the mark services agreed upon
  • Not a cost-effective model
  • Lack of IT policy


  • 30%

    Cost Reduction

  • 6months

    ROI & Benefits Realization

  • 45%

    Increase in Staff Productivity

  • SLA driven procedural monitoring system
  • Increase effectiveness and better staff utilization
  • Past vendor was not providing up to the mark services agreed upon
  • Greater efficiency and effective monitoring via a single instance
  • Improved support turn-around time
  • Reduced business impact Of Incidents by timely resolution